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This is a stereo power amplifier announced as a top-end model that achieves both maximum output and minimum distortion rate among the Macintosh power amplifier group.

A large output of 600W + 600W in stereo and 1200W in mono operation with bridge connection is achieved. This continuous output does not change from 2 Ω ~ 8 Ω (1 Ω ~ 16 Ω in mono operation) because an output transformer is used. It is also a powerful speaker drive with a power margin capable of supplying dynamic power of 2,200W + 2,200W (4,400W in mono operation) even under heavy loads 80% lower than the rated impedance and an output current capacity of up to 200A.


A total of 36 power devices in 9 parallel units are used in the output stage. The power stage operates stably by the output lance, and heat generation is reduced by a large heat sink and automatic tracking and bias circuit. In addition, a low-noise heat radiation fan of 2 speed operates when high-power operation is continued for a long time, and low-temperature operation is achieved. In addition, an automatic recovery type power breaker is built in in case of overheating.

In order to cope with excessive input exceeding the clipping output, it is equipped with a Power Guard System unique to Macintosh, and the gain is automatically reduced when excessive input is made. In addition, the Sentry Monitor system controls the output current against excessive current such as output short.

The circuit is equipped with a new Macintosh circuit that does not generate crossover distortion, a balanced amplifier, strict impedance distribution for each stage, and careful examination of constituent parts. This realizes a low distortion factor even in the minute output region despite being a large output amplifier.

A high-current capacity gold-plated terminal is used for the output terminal.