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WDT Distribution Tool with Stand V3

WDT Distribution Tool with Stand V3


  • 9 Prong Needle Espresso Stirrer
  • 18 Needles 0.25mm / 0.3mm Thick Spring Wires
  • Weiss Distribution Technique
  • Anodized Aluminum Handle

IMPROVES CONSISTENCY With this WDT tool, it breaks any clumps by stirring the ground and enjoys a more even distribution prior to tamping. Therefore provide more even extractions and reduced channeling.

EASY TO USE In total there are 9 holes, simply unscrew the ABS center shaft for easy needle replacement. The base of the holder is padded to protect your tabletop surface.

INTERCHANGEABLE NEEDLES The package comes with a set of 0.25mm and 0.3mm 304 stainless steel needles (9 needles each) to suit your preference. The needles are soft enough to avoid scratching the bottom of the basket.

ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED On the basis of V2, we continue the design inspiration from the V4 tamper handle design. Easy to hold and yet matching perfectly with other Normcore accessories.

STURDY AND EASY TO CLEAN The sturdy handle is made from anodized aluminum CNC. while the spring wires are manufactured using nonstick, easy-clean, rust-resistant premium 304 stainless steel.