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ADCOM started in the 70s. Our first offering wasn’t amplifiers but phono cartridges. They were no ordinary cartridges; however, they were extraordinarily musical “moving coil” designs that extracted a lot of information from a record groove. These products were so successful that other companies asked us to begin making cartridges for them, too! And so, we became a manufacturer!


Early Electronics… ADCOM’s first electronic product, the groundbreaking GFA-1 power amplifier, appeared in December 1979. It was substantially more powerful than most of its competition at 200 watts per channel and was one of the first “high current” designs available. . Again, it was an affordable and standout performer. Critical response was phenomenal and the GFA-1 became the “hot ticket” amplifier of its day, as did the successor GFA-1A.

The GFA-1 and GFA-1A were followed by a new group of matching components: the GFA-2 power amplifier, the GFP-1 preamplifier, and the GFT-1 tuner. These were also unique products. The GFA-2 power amp boasted 100 watts per channel and used high-speed output transistors and dual power supplies. The GFP-1’s low-noise design won a lot of praise from record lovers and the evolutionary GFP-1A added the convenience of ADCOM’s innovative dual recording/listening source selectors.

ADCOM earned worldwide acclaim with the GFA-555 – a power stereo amplifier designed by Nelson Pass. It was an ADCOM milestone that became a classic step-up for budget amplifiers at that time. The GFA-555, introduced in March 1985, was a phenomenally successful product. It has a large, well-regulated power supply that helped develop very high output current. It offered a combination of high power, outstanding sonics, and rugged design.

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