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Normcore Coffee was founded in 2016 in Sydney with a passion for Damn Good Coffee. As a coffee company, we exist as a part of the community, serving great coffee and caring for whatever we can do for the community.


Seed For some, it’s the morning kickstart. Others, an afternoon perk-me-up. And then there’s the rare breed who savours coffee concoctions well into the night.

At NORMCORE, we’re just like you - a group of seasoned coffee drinkers that has made the brew an inseparable way of life. Born from unexpected commonality, our young team founded the company with this shared appreciation for the art of coffee, as well as the routines it has inspired in contemporary lifestyle.

Fruit It wasn’t that long ago that instant coffee was standard. Even though that has its own place, coffee appreciation over the last decade has meant that the craft of the bean and brew has exploded - crossing over from baristas to home enthusiasts.

But what NORMCORE witnessed was this: A disparity when it came to equipment. Professional-grade tools were not accessible to the average home brewer, and if so, came with a hefty price tag.

In a hope to democratise this access to enjoyable coffee culture at home, the team went through the arduous task of shortlisting hundreds of production partners, and found responsible collaborations that promised a compelling balance between quality and price.

Our first product - the spring-loaded tamper - quickly became a hit, and spurred by the warm reception, NORMCORE released more tools into our portfolio.

Bean If we had to guess, our success is baked into our values:

At NORMCORE, our ambition lies very much with you. We want to bring you beautifully-made modular tools that make sense to your setup; where every piece holds its own and inspires thoughtful curation. At NORMCORE, we want to elevate your coffee routine into rituals.

Thank you for bringing us into your homes and coffee bars.