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4 Tracksmith Short Tights Comparison Review

So far I haven't seen anyone had a review on a comparison of different short tights from Tracksmith. They are so expensive and very few online reviews, hopefully this post can help you decide which one to buy!

Before we start, a little information about myself. I'm 5"5,120lb, normally wear jeans in size 26. I always buy size S from Tracksmith.

First of all, the lenghth of the 4 shorts are as follwing:

Allston 5.25“ Session 5” Cannonball 4.5” Turnover 4.5”

All 4 shorts are in size S, but as you can tell from the picture, the waist measurement in descending order is Turnover>Cannonball>Session >Allston. So I highly recommend you read the sizing guide carefully before placing an order.

Turnover shorts: https://www.tracksmith.com/products/w-turnover-short-tights?sku=WB711101MAC

The fabric of the 4 shorts are very different. Turnover is the most soft one and the most comfortable one. The silicone strips ensure the shorts stay in place and don’t ride up, which also keeps the shorts look flattering while running. Turnover shorts have 3 pockets, the center one with zipper can easily fit an iPhone14 pro, so you as long as your phone is the same size or smaller than that, it shouldn’t be an issue. There are 2 side pockets that you can put more gels as advertised in Tracksmith website(4 gels as advertised).

Session Shorts: https://poshmark.com/search?query=tracksmith%20session%20short%20tights&type=listings&src=ac

Session shorts fabric is not as soft as Turnover shorts but still pretty comfortable, however the fabric is thicker than the rest 3 styles. Sessions shorts don’t have silicone strips so they do ride up when you run. I especially like the melange finish of the fabric. There are 2 pockets on Session shorts, the one in the center can easily fit my iPhone 14pro but please notice it doesn’t come with a zipper. There is a zippered side pocket which you can probably put 2 gels in it. Session shorts are currently sold out online, but you can still find some on Poshmark.

Allston Shorts: https://www.tracksmith.com/products/w-allston-shorts?sku=WB710901BY

Allston shorts are my favorite Tracksmith shorts. They are tighter than the other 3 styles, but I don’t need to go up a size. The fabric is soft and thin, which is very important for me as a runner in Florida. The silicon grippers ensure these tights won’t ride up or dig in, but different with Turnover, the silicon grippers are thiner. I have also taken a picture of the edges of these 4 shorts. There is only one big pocket on Allston shorts where I can fit my iPhone14 pro and probably 2 gels at maximum, Tracksmith website didn’t mentions this, but it also has a super tiny pocket at the front, I used that for my electrolyte tablets when I run in the heat.

Run Cannonball Run shorts: https://www.tracksmith.com/products/w-run-cannonball-run-short-tights?sku=WB707901FMAR

Cannonball shorts I’m afraid are my least favorite, but it doesn’t mean these are not well made shorts. I’m sure a lot girls who prefer to go swimming after running would enjoy them. I purchased those shorts on Poshmark without doing enough research. Because they are swim friendly and fast drying, so the fabric is not as soft as the other 3 styles. There is not silicone strips on the shorts. There is a pocket with zipper at the back which I can fit my phone in it.

I hope this review can be of some help! If you have any questions or want me to post some pictures of the shorts on me, please sign up at this website and leave me a comment!