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My first light roast bean

Product: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

For my second bag of coffee, I decided to go for a light-medium roast. I picked up a bag from Foxtail Coffee Co, a local roaster in Orlando, FL. Not sure what to expect, or how different it would be from my first medium roast bag, I figured a light roast may be harder to dial in. To begin, I found the time to grind was shorter for the same weight (17.0g). After the first brew of 25 seconds and 40g out, it tasted sour. I then tried a tigher grind and 25 seconds - still sour. Finally found 40g out, 28 seconds and a slightly finer grind was key. I kept the temp at 204F degrees.

During this time, I picked up a Normcore WDT Distribution Tool and started using that. I noticed there was a lot more consistency with my shots and ended up adjusting the grind as it became too fine after the using the WDT. More on the Normcore in another post.

Overall, the coffee has a less potent flavor, but full of cherry and floral flavors. It was better than I anticipated and has a sense of refinement. I've already decided to make another light or light-medium roast my next bean to try.