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An access point with no fuss if you have Ubiquity hardware

Product: U6 Long-Range

Along with purchasing my Dream Machine Pro, I also purchased a U6 Long-Range for my home. As with my other Ubiquiti hardware, it's easy to setup and manage. After plugging in the power-over-ethernet (POE), the provisioning process was uneventful. First thing I did was update the firmware. I was able to easily setup/extend my 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz for private, internet of things (IOT) and guest networks on this API. I configured the access point to auto scan and choose a channel with the least interference.

The access point was a bit larger than I had anticipated. Be aware of the size and where you want to mount it. I mounted it horizontally in the ceiling. Although it's a long-range access point, it doesn't make it quite as far as I hoped. I also have this access point paired with an AC Mesh and the strength between the two isn't great. Not sure if it's which access point is the weaker link.

Throughput is great. Seeing 300+ Mbps, close to 400 Mpbs with my Internet provider, bi-directional with my iPhone 13 Pro (going through a floor). Likely my Internet provider is the bottleneck in that test. Regardless, performance is well beyond my use case.

Overall, I'm happy with the product, haven't had any issues, pairs easily with the Dream Machine Pro and does what is says it'll do.