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Paddle intermittently worked and then stopped altogether

Product: Linea Mini

My Linea Mini is not that old (less than a year) and I started having issues with the paddle. When moving the paddle from right to left (engaging), it would sometimes not respond. After doing the motion multiple times, it would eventually trigger. I thought this was a software issue.

One morning, it stopped altogether. No matter how many times I moved the paddle, turned off/on the machine, it just wasn't responding. At this point, I was thinking it could be the paddle's internal switch. I removed the top cover and saw what appeared to be a cheap plastic switch. My suspicions grew. After engaging the paddle, I pushed on the metal tab of the switch further and heard a click, confirming the paddle wasn't fully engaging the switch. I didn't see any easy adjustment to the switch to where I could move it closer to the paddle, so I carefully put a bend (u-shaped) in the middle of the tab so there was less gap between the switch and the paddle. A few quick tests while the cover was off confirmed the switch was now fully engaging.

This was an easy but annoying fix. I figured for the cost of the machine, a higher quality switch would be used and would have proper adjustment. I'm documenting this experience for anybody else that runs into a similiar issue. Perhaps the fix for you is just as easy!


I forgot to mention, the teal box in the image is the switch. If you click on the image so it's full screen, you can see the metal tab and the slight bend I put in the middle. I can take a closer picture if anybody requests.