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Linea Mini Gateway firmware updated to V3.4-RC5

Product: Linea Mini

La Marzocco today released a gateway update from V3.3-RC7 to V3.4-RC5 for the Linea Mini and GS3. The latest machine firmware of 2.12 continues to be the same.

There are a lot of new features and a couple fixes in this release. To utilize these new features, you will need to update your La Marzocco iOS or Android app first.


  • The scheduler is now simplified and easier to use. The new scheduling system includes a "Power Option" that allows 25 on/off slots. You can also control in the scheduler if the steamer should turn on or not.
  • New auto stand-by logic. You can now choose between Last Brew or Power On for when the auto stand-by minutes apply. This provides flexibility and a welcomed addition.
  • Daylight saving time automatic management
  • Bug fix that caused the machine to now follow the programming schedule
  • Other undisclosed bug fix(es)

Other than that, I'm not noticing any difference. I played around with the iOS app and pulled some shots without issue. Let me know your thoughts on these changes or if you run into any issues!