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Not available on the Micra

Product: Brew-by-Weight Scale

To many, it's a surprise that La Marzocco didn't offer this scale to Mica customers. It's likely compatible from a technology standpoint and La Marzocco is choosing not to support it. What are your thoughts?


I buy products based on their current features, not what a software update in the future may or may not provide. If you do this, you'll not be sorely disappointed. In this case, the software benefited an upstream product (Linea Mini) and likely, given the manufacture choice, could have been benefited a downstream product (Micra). That's the frustrating part, but you weren't promised anything when purchased. Regardless, so close but no cigar! As the benefits of streamlined electronic manufacturing standardizes product components, in this case, the controller, manufactures may or may not choose to enable future features across all models to allow for greater differentiation. Another modern example is BMW having heated seats in the car but you need a monthly subscription to unlock the functionality. Another is purchasing "Ludicrous Mode" in a Tesla, simply a software unlock for a large sum of money.

Separately, companies are more often during a product launch, promising future features via a software update. Beware, it's a gamble! In cases, these promise don't come to fruition and leave the buyer feeling scammed - rightfully so. Releasing half-baked software at launch only to promise to fix/enhance it later is a recipe for a disaster.