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Finally consistent tamps every time

Product: 58mm Coffee Tamper V4

I've been using my Linea Mini's included 58mm tamp. It's not bad, as I've heard other coffee makers include poor tamps - even plastic. The included tamp is a convex metal variant. It seems a little small for the included basket, but none the less, it works well.

I was observing my tamp one morning and realized how slanted it was. I then paid more attention and realized that even paying attention, it was hard to tampa 100% flat consistently. I went off searching for a solution and came across level tampers. I decided to purchase this tamper since my last experience buying a Normcore product, the WDT Distribution Tool was positive.

With much of the same materials, quality, and finish as the WDT Tool, the tamper was easy to use and ergonomic. I left the default 25-pound spring as I had no idea what the various spring weights would give me. I figured the one that was already installed would fit my scenario.

Usage is a breeze. Simply put it on top of the portafilter and press until the spring travel stops. I'm not sure how you could do it wrong! I've noticed my shots taste a bit more consistent. The puck is slightly more watery, though I'm not sure that's anything to be concerned about.

Easy-to-use, no-fuss tamping is what I was seeking, and I now have that with this tool. I can be half asleep and still have consistent shots. Compared to others on the market at a steeper cost, I don't yearn for them; this does just fine.