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Is the C2800 worth upgrading to?

Product: C2800 2-Channel Vacuum Tube Preamplifier

The C2800 was recently released. I currently have a C2700 and looked at the new pre-amp from the perspective of whether it was worth upgrading.

New Features

  • The addition of a processor loop is a nice feature for those who want to intercept the signal for room correction or equalization. I don't have an immediate need for this.
  • The new mobile application is convenient and has a feature I'd make use of: controlling the volume. I'm not always in the same room as my stereo (roaming around the house), and making a quick volume adjustment on my phone is a great convenience.
  • The network connectivity not only allows operation of the mobile application, it also allows for firmware updates. That's great, as I would have to bring my unit to a service center and pay a fee to update the C2700. I'm curious if the network allows updates for the C2800 and DA2 firmware, or just the C2800?
  • The dedicated subwoofer output is a good addition for many people. I once had a REL subwoofer connected and had to use left/right connections instead of a mono connection. With two subwoofer outputs, you can have stereo, two mono, or various other configurations. If you don't have full range speakers, you'll enjoy this feature. I currently have a pair of Klipsch Cornwall IV and don't feel I need a subwoofer.
  • The high-pass/low-pass allows flexible connectivity, including tubes for treble and solid state for bass - you can now fine tune your system. I have a MC152 and I find the smoothness of my C2700 and the power of the MC152 are already a good blend of amplifer technology.

I'm sure there are other new features I'm overlooking. Since the digital circuitry is the same between the C2700 and C2800 (the DA2 module), I'm less inclined to upgrade. Even if McIntosh did come out with a DA3 module, I could easily upgrade my C2700 with the new module. The remaining features are all nice to have, though for me, I would only benefit from the convenience features (mobile, network connectivity, etc.), and from a sound fidelity standpoint, it would be the same. If I added more complexity to my setup, which would benefit from the features, sure, I would consider upgrading.

Choosing to upgrade from a C2700 or older C2200+ will largely depend on the benefits of these features in your setup. Thinking of purchasing a C2800 and if so, what would you be upgrading from? Any of these features make this a must-have?