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Product: Node N130

The BlueSound Node N130 is a popular choice among audiophiles for streaming. It's easy to use Android/iOS application, BlueSound OS, allows quick adjustment of settings and can stream from a variety of sources, including Tidal and Qubits. It's also fairly priced compared to other options on the market. The built-in DAC is capable, however you may find yourself quickly upgrading, from my understanding. I personally don't use the build-in DAC since I have it connected via TOS-LINK to a capable pre-amplifier that has a DAC. The result is a fuss free experience and execellent sound. I only used the BlueSound OS for a short period of time until I started to use Roon, another steaming application that is compatible with the BlueSound Node. Roon offers a variety of benefits if you have your own downloaded music collection you want to use.

You can use the N130 with USB audio output with the latest firmware update. My experience was less than stellar, with the sound periodically pausing during playback. I could have played around with the settings, however I didn't take the time to do so. I have some higher quality DSD256 and DSD512 files that at some point, will come back and see if I can fix the playback to allow higher bitrates. Worth trying, though you may run into similar issues as me.

Overall, I'm happy with the BlueSound Node N130. Between it's fair price, features and ease of use, it is hard to beat for the money.