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Frame TV review

Product: 55" Frame 4K QLED Art TV 2021

I've had this TV for a couple years now, purchased new in the box on eBay. The TV serves well for displaying art as it's intended. It's okay at everything else. It doesn't support HDR or high refresh rates like other TVs of the same price range. Regardless, it is still a nice looking display for watching TV and gaming. It's easy to mount and the one connector, both video and power, from the TV box (the connection guts) to the TV is very convenient and makes it easy to run the cable in the wall.

A couple things I don't like. You have to pay about $50 a year to show artwork. That can add up to a significant amount over the years. Also, the proximity and light sensors aren't doing their job to only turn on during the day or when someone is in the room. I've tried every setting without success. I ended up opting to have the TV art on all the time, which is unnecessary but my only option.

Overall, nice TV if showing art is important to you. If not, look elsewhere for a more capable display at the same price.