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Meeting Water Requirements

Product: Linea Mini

I am receiving a Linea Mini. As I understand, all espresso machines are picky when it comes to water. In preparation, I've investigated my reverse osmosis system. The water has a TPM of 26 and pH of 6.3. The target should be 90-150 TPM and 6.5-8 pH. I added a remineralization system and was able bring the TPM to 28 and pH to 7.3. Only got 2 TPM more! Not sure how I'm going to bring that up to the 90 TPM minimum. Thoughts? Suggestions?


I called La Marzocco and spoke to someone directly. They said 30 TPM is the minimum. Since Poland Spring water is very expensive in Florida - what they normally recommend, I asked about Zephyrhills water. They couldn't recommend it since Zephyrhills doesn't publish enough details of their water.

After a few days of installing the remineralization, it reaches as high as 150 TPM with the water output of the first few seconds, then tapers down to 35. I suspect the water sitting in the remineralization filter gets highly concentrated. If I were to fill the coffee reservoir, I imagine the TPM would average out to above the minimum of 30 TPM. Maybe I don't need to do anything more!

Still waiting for my LMLM to arrive...

I used this TDS/pH/Temp Tester to test the TPM and pH of my water.