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Living with a Pico Grinder

Product: Pico Grinder

When I bought my Linea Mini, it came packaged with the Pico Grinder. It was a newly released grinder from La Marzocco and at that time, you couldn't purchase the grinder separately. Now, you can buy it directly. I didn't know anything about this grinder but since it essentially came free with the bundle compared to the regular price of the Linea Mini, even if it was half decent, I would be content. If not, then I could sell it and find another grinder. Considering other grinders La Marzocco released in the past, not all of them are well received by the community.

This is my first grinder. It was easy to setup and use. It took me a little bit to figure out the three buttons and how to setup, though if I had read the instructions beforehand, it would have been much easier! Not having anything to compare this grinder to, it seems like it does the job just fine. I don't like the deadman toggle switches. It's easy for your fingers to slide off of them due to being smooth with quite a bit of resistance. I would have much preferred a push button. I don't understand the value of a deadman toggle over a deadman button. There is WiFi capability if you want to adjust dose timings with an app.

The grinds are fluffy and not clumpy. I grind 17g shots. I've dialed in the time where I sometimes at max, get 17g. Other times, it can be 0.8g less than that and I have to top it off. I wish there was a grind-by-weight option.

Overall, this being my first grinder, it seems fine. No major complaints. Works as intended in a home setting. No reason to look to replace anytime soon.