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Living with my ADCOM GFA 555 II for 17+ years!

Product: GFA 555 II

The ADCOM GFA 555 II doesn't need an introduction. Starting my audio journey right after college on a budget, ADCOM has a great reputation and their GTP and GFA lines are popular for a reason. I picked up an ADCOM GFA-555 II circa 2006 for $300 on eBay. I also picked up a GTP-500 II, a stereo pre-amp of the same era. Using an unremarkable CD player as a source, and the amp feeding a pair of Klipsch La Scalas, this was my first complete system. I knew there was much better audio equipment out there, though this was still a dream configuration.

The GFA-555 II is fantastic, even to this day. I used it for many years. With the La Scalas Professionals being easy to drive @ 100+ sensitivity and 200 watts max RMS, the 200 watt rating at 8-ohms was no problem, likely to never go above a few watts. The unit stayed cool with great dynamics and never fatigued. It's a workhorse. These days, I have it bridged (a bonus) to power a passive sub-woofer.

Overall, I would highly recommend this amplifier for those starting out. You'll have to be careful considering these amplifiers are getting up in age, maintenance (caps, etc) may need servicing. Also, this certainly don't contend with high-end amplifiers in the ability to resolve to modern expectations. Don't let this disparage you, it's a terrific value and you'll likely not loose money when you are ready to part with it.