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Product: Elite-20 PF I

I've had the Furman Elite-20 PF I for quite a few years. Living in Florida, I purchased it for the primary purpose of protecting my audio and video equipment from lightening strikes and utility surges. For this purpose it has done well, however I haven't had any significant power surges to prove it's capabilities. Like an insurance policy, you don't want a reason to use it. It's provided piece of mind and has succeeded in that sense.

There are other benefits of a power conditional including the "conditioning" aspect. Not being an electrical engineer, I can't speak to the merits of it's capabilities. I am skeptical as I've heard power conditioners don't positively impact the power quality or in some case, hurt the power. My educated assumption is the power transformers in the audio/video equipment are of high enough capacity and quality that they don't necessitate a power conditioner. Your situation may vary, including the quality of your power servicing your house if particularly poor.

The power conditioner comes with many grounded power sockets, 12v trigger in and out, and telescoping lights (if used in a rack). In a home theater setting, the ambient lights are not distractingly bright.

Overall, it's a great unit for my intended purposes (1) protection against surges (2) management of power routing. It's been solid without any issues, though I have yet to have a surge to test it - hope it stays that way!